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What Are the Materials Used in Jersey Polo Shirt?


Polo shirts come in six basic types, not including more casual rugby-style shirts. Fabric or knit determines the quality of the shirt, of course.

1. Blended

Corporate polo shirts or grocery store uniforms often use blended synthetic fabrics since they are durable and resistant. However, they are less comfortable than all cotton materials and sometimes make the wearer sweat more. If you’re on a budget, these are the most common polo shirts you’ll find on the market, and they tend to be right in the middle to the low end in terms of price. It is better to invest in better quality if you can afford it since this type does not feel or feel comfortable.

2. Performance

The performance or sports jerseys-looking polo shirts are designed with athletes in mind. Silver is added to the material to reduce odors, or they come with UV protection. The material used for them is usually synthetic or a blend of synthetics. Price varies according to the company’s marketing budget and the brand’s reputation. There is no other place to wear these shirts besides the golf course or during exercise.

3. Polyester

Despite their durability and wrinkle-free quality, they offer little breathability, which means you will sweat a lot and have a cheap look. I wouldn’t recommend it.

4. Silk

In theory, silk is a great fiber for polo shirts, but pure silk loses its color when hot and wet, thus making it a poor fabric for polo shirts. It is sometimes possible to find cotton-silk blends or linen-silk blends that work effectively for polo shirts, but pure silk should not be used.

5. Linen

Many companies now offer linen polo shirts, which have become more popular recently. It adds another dimension to the fabric with its crisp look and sophisticated wrinkles, but it is rougher than cotton. It is recommended only in blends if you want the look of wrinkled linen.

6. Pure Cotton

Cotton polo shirts are the most common because of their moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and decent durability. There are different kinds of cotton, and cheaper cotton polos are made from short-staple cotton that will pill and fade after a few washes. Longer staple cotton lasts longer and feels better on the skin, but it also fades eventually, especially with darker colors. Putting that aside, polo shirts vary in quality not just because of the materials but also because of the knit.

Polo Shirt Knits & Weaves

Knitted polo shirts are the most common.

How does knitting work? This article will focus on two basic knitting categories that are most relevant for polo shirts. Knitting is the task of interfacing yarns, and there are many ways to knit.

Piqué Knit

The fabric is also known as pique knit, a type of woven fabric, as opposed to Marcella pique fabric, which is knitted. The Marcella pique weave also has a characteristic three-dimensional waffle look, so it is called that. The most popular polo shirt knit is the piqué knit, which is both flexible and breathable. Waffles can vary tremendously in size. It is better to wear a larger knit if you want to breathe better and a smaller knit if you want to lose weight.

Jersey Knit

Polo shirts made of jersey knit fabric have a smooth surface similar to t-shirts or fine sweaters. This knit is often used for lower-priced polo shirts; however, higher-quality polo shirts can also be made with them.


Whether you shop online or in local stores, you’ll find something that suits your style regardless of where you live. What brand of polo shirt do you like best? Is it worn with anything in particular? At Valor Ukraine, we donate a percentage of our proceeds to the donation for Ukraine.

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