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Etiquette For Wearing Polo Shirts – Do’s And Don’ts

black polo shirt

Whether it is football games or meetings at the office, men wear polo shirts with everything, ranging from tailored blazers to ripped jeans. Whether he’s wearing a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster, James Bond is well-known for wearing a Sunspel Jersey polo shirt.

You can look stylish rather than sloppy by following a few rules despite this wide use of the shirt.

1. DON’T Layer Polo Shirts

When a polo shirt is fitted properly, it should skim your frame without hugging it, so you shouldn’t be able to wear another shirt over it. A slipping undershirt or a crumpling collar is almost a certain consequence of wearing an undershirt. It is never a good idea to wear undershirts (short or long-sleeved) with polo shirts. Polos are not designed for layering. Moreover, avoid layering more than one polo shirt at a time; this inexplicable trend is more of a cry for attention.

2. Fitted but not tight

Getting a bigger size will allow you to put your finger between your bicep and sleeve. Slack should be reduced by getting a smaller size. Cotton is a good material for making quality polo shirts. It is, therefore, essential that they drape nicely over your body while not showing too much flesh.

3. Make Sure They Fit Your Height

If you don’t often wear dresses, don’t let the tail of your untucked polo shirt extend further down your bum than midway down. You will see the crumples when tucked in, and your proportions will be thrown off if you leave it untucked. Likewise, if you are planning to wear an untucked polo shirt, avoid tennis tails (extended back hems).

4. Keep your collar tucked in

There is no coming back to popping your collar. If you use sunscreen to protect your neck, you won’t even have to pop it. Wearing sunglasses at night is kind of like popping your collar. Let the bar crowd and teens try to look cool and do it.

5. Avoid wearing large logos

An increasing number of polo shirts feature large oversized logos. Other brands have followed Ralph Lauren’s lead. The standard nowadays is to have a small logo on the breast of polo shirts, so avoiding visible logos is usually impossible. A tone-in-tone logo is preferred over a contrasting logo by some companies. Whatever the case, oversized logos are abominable. Do not wear logos unless they are part of your work uniform.

6. Don’t wear polo shirts with blazers

Some men think they look smart sporting a polo shirt with a blazer, even though the soft collar doesn’t lay flat. No matter what situation you are in, a blazer will always look better with a dress shirt. Therefore, skip the polo and go right to the dress shirt.

7. Tuck your polo in when necessary

It would be wrong to stipulate that polo shirts must never be tucked in or untucked. Dressing for an occasion and an outfit is determined by the occasion and the outfit. Madras shorts should not be tucked in, but seersucker slacks or chinos should be tucked in for best results.

Price ≠ Value

Quality varies based on the manufacturer as well as the price. In general, $50 is what you need to spend for better quality, and a shirt for $10 cannot be of great quality. It’s difficult to know how well $150 shirts will hold up in the long run due to their particular design and/or marketing campaign. Several men bought a navy Sunspel Riviera polo shirt for $135 after Daniel Craig wore it in a James Bond movie due to a marketing placement. A confidence boost of this kind is a good investment if you need it. A $15 shirt from Uniqlo, however, might be a better choice if you are about the look and on a budget. Despite being a cotton blend, it has a shirt collar, a similarly trim cut, and the same color as the Uniqlo one.


A wide variety of polo shirts are available for everyone, from country club preps from Manhattan to blue-collar men from the south. Whether you shop online or in local stores, you’ll find something that suits your style regardless of where you live. What brand of polo shirt do you like best? Is it worn with anything in particular? At Valor Ukraine, we donate a percentage of our proceeds to the donation for Ukraine.

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