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Etiquette For Wearing Polo Shirts – Do’s And Don’ts

black polo shirt

Whether it is football games or meetings at the office, men wear polo shirts with everything, ranging from tailored blazers to ripped jeans. Whether he’s wearing a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster, James Bond is well-known for wearing a Sunspel Jersey polo shirt.

You can look stylish rather than sloppy by following a few rules despite this wide use of the shirt.

1. DON’T Layer Polo Shirts

When a polo shirt is fitted properly, it should skim your frame without hugging it, so you shouldn’t be able to wear another shirt over it. A slipping undershirt or a crumpling collar is almost a certain consequence of wearing an undershirt. It is never a good idea to wear undershirts (short or long-sleeved) with polo shirts. Polos are not designed for layering. Moreover, avoid layering more than one polo shirt at a time; this inexplicable trend is more of a cry for attention.

2. Fitted but not tight

Getting a bigger size will allow you to put your finger between your bicep and sleeve. Slack should be reduced by getting a smaller size. Cotton is a good material for making quality polo shirts. It is, therefore, essential that they drape nicely over your body while not showing too much flesh.

3. Make Sure They Fit Your Height

If you don’t often wear dresses, don’t let the tail of your untucked polo shirt extend further down your bum than midway down. You will see the crumples when tucked in, and your proportions will be thrown off if you leave it untucked. Likewise, if you are planning to wear an untucked polo shirt, avoid tennis tails (extended back hems).

4. Keep your collar tucked in

There is no coming back to popping your collar. If you use sunscreen to protect your neck, you won’t even have to pop it. Wearing sunglasses at night is kind of like popping your collar. Let the bar crowd and teens try to look cool and do it.

5. Avoid wearing large logos

An increasing number of polo shirts feature large oversized logos. Other brands have followed Ralph Lauren’s lead. The standard nowadays is to have a small logo on the breast of polo shirts, so avoiding visible logos is usually impossible. A tone-in-tone logo is preferred over a contrasting logo by some companies. Whatever the case, oversized logos are abominable. Do not wear logos unless they are part of your work uniform.

6. Don’t wear polo shirts with blazers

Some men think they look smart sporting a polo shirt with a blazer, even though the soft collar doesn’t lay flat. No matter what situation you are in, a blazer will always look better with a dress shirt. Therefore, skip the polo and go right to the dress shirt.

7. Tuck your polo in when necessary

It would be wrong to stipulate that polo shirts must never be tucked in or untucked. Dressing for an occasion and an outfit is determined by the occasion and the outfit. Madras shorts should not be tucked in, but seersucker slacks or chinos should be tucked in for best results.

Price ≠ Value

Quality varies based on the manufacturer as well as the price. In general, $50 is what you need to spend for better quality, and a shirt for $10 cannot be of great quality. It’s difficult to know how well $150 shirts will hold up in the long run due to their particular design and/or marketing campaign. Several men bought a navy Sunspel Riviera polo shirt for $135 after Daniel Craig wore it in a James Bond movie due to a marketing placement. A confidence boost of this kind is a good investment if you need it. A $15 shirt from Uniqlo, however, might be a better choice if you are about the look and on a budget. Despite being a cotton blend, it has a shirt collar, a similarly trim cut, and the same color as the Uniqlo one.


A wide variety of polo shirts are available for everyone, from country club preps from Manhattan to blue-collar men from the south. Whether you shop online or in local stores, you’ll find something that suits your style regardless of where you live. What brand of polo shirt do you like best? Is it worn with anything in particular? At Valor Ukraine, we donate a percentage of our proceeds to the donation for Ukraine.

What Are the Materials Used in Jersey Polo Shirt?


Polo shirts come in six basic types, not including more casual rugby-style shirts. Fabric or knit determines the quality of the shirt, of course.

1. Blended

Corporate polo shirts or grocery store uniforms often use blended synthetic fabrics since they are durable and resistant. However, they are less comfortable than all cotton materials and sometimes make the wearer sweat more. If you’re on a budget, these are the most common polo shirts you’ll find on the market, and they tend to be right in the middle to the low end in terms of price. It is better to invest in better quality if you can afford it since this type does not feel or feel comfortable.

2. Performance

The performance or sports jerseys-looking polo shirts are designed with athletes in mind. Silver is added to the material to reduce odors, or they come with UV protection. The material used for them is usually synthetic or a blend of synthetics. Price varies according to the company’s marketing budget and the brand’s reputation. There is no other place to wear these shirts besides the golf course or during exercise.

3. Polyester

Despite their durability and wrinkle-free quality, they offer little breathability, which means you will sweat a lot and have a cheap look. I wouldn’t recommend it.

4. Silk

In theory, silk is a great fiber for polo shirts, but pure silk loses its color when hot and wet, thus making it a poor fabric for polo shirts. It is sometimes possible to find cotton-silk blends or linen-silk blends that work effectively for polo shirts, but pure silk should not be used.

5. Linen

Many companies now offer linen polo shirts, which have become more popular recently. It adds another dimension to the fabric with its crisp look and sophisticated wrinkles, but it is rougher than cotton. It is recommended only in blends if you want the look of wrinkled linen.

6. Pure Cotton

Cotton polo shirts are the most common because of their moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and decent durability. There are different kinds of cotton, and cheaper cotton polos are made from short-staple cotton that will pill and fade after a few washes. Longer staple cotton lasts longer and feels better on the skin, but it also fades eventually, especially with darker colors. Putting that aside, polo shirts vary in quality not just because of the materials but also because of the knit.

Polo Shirt Knits & Weaves

Knitted polo shirts are the most common.

How does knitting work? This article will focus on two basic knitting categories that are most relevant for polo shirts. Knitting is the task of interfacing yarns, and there are many ways to knit.

Piqué Knit

The fabric is also known as pique knit, a type of woven fabric, as opposed to Marcella pique fabric, which is knitted. The Marcella pique weave also has a characteristic three-dimensional waffle look, so it is called that. The most popular polo shirt knit is the piqué knit, which is both flexible and breathable. Waffles can vary tremendously in size. It is better to wear a larger knit if you want to breathe better and a smaller knit if you want to lose weight.

Jersey Knit

Polo shirts made of jersey knit fabric have a smooth surface similar to t-shirts or fine sweaters. This knit is often used for lower-priced polo shirts; however, higher-quality polo shirts can also be made with them.


Whether you shop online or in local stores, you’ll find something that suits your style regardless of where you live. What brand of polo shirt do you like best? Is it worn with anything in particular? At Valor Ukraine, we donate a percentage of our proceeds to the donation for Ukraine.

How Can You Help Ukraine Through Your Relief Efforts?


It is the third week of Russia’s war in Ukraine. It is hoped that crippling Russia’s economy will slow down or end the war, as most western powers have imposed economic sanctions on it in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Violence, however, has only increased so far. Many of us are watching from afar and wondering how we can help ordinary Ukrainian people whose homes, cities, and lives are being destroyed before our eyes.

Acts of compassion and generosity can make a huge difference in times of humanitarian crises like this. A wide variety of organizations provide aid to Ukrainian refugees directly in Ukraine or countries bordering Ukraine.

You can donate directly to the following organizations to support Ukraine’s war victims.

How to Donate to Organizations in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Red Cross

During the war, the Red Cross served those affected by the armed conflict on the front lines. Aside from providing shelter, food, and necessities, the Ukrainian Red Cross assists people inside the country with evacuations and evacuation assistance.

World Central Kitchen

A disaster relief organization called World Central Kitchen (WCK) has provided hot meals directly to people in need in disaster zones since 2010. Ukraine and its bordering countries are currently the focus of WCK’s work.

Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Throughout Ukraine, Global Giving raises funds for local nonprofits. Your donation to the fund will provide refugees with essentials, such as health care, psychological support, education, and economic assistance.

Vostok SOS

Founded in Ukraine, Vostok SOS assists in areas of conflict within the country. In the aftermath of the shelling, the organization accepts donations for aiding local people, evacuating the vulnerable, and providing trauma support to the survivors.

Media Support

Bringing Ukrainians up to date with the latest developments is possible by direct donations to the Ukrainian media. The Ukrainian media outlets are running during the war thanks to a GoFundMe campaign launched by various organizations.

Kyiv School of Economics

Its charitable foundation provides equipment to those directly involved in the war through an initiative from the Kyiv School of Economics. In addition to bulletproof vests and helmets, this equipment was provided to Ukrainian Paramedic Association, Ukrainian State Emergency Service, and Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces. A total of $5.9 million has been raised as of March 10.

Humanity & Inclusion

A nongovernmental organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities in conflict, poverty, and disaster zones, Humanity & Inclusion (H&I) helps people with disabilities in conflict and poverty zones.

Workers from H&I have arrived in Ukraine to assess how it can support the distribution of medical equipment, post-operative care of injured people, and mental health support for the disabled.

In addition to emergency kits, donations will be used to provide mental health support and rehabilitation services.


The USA for UNHCR program raises funds to aid Ukrainian refugees displaced by the war by providing emergency supply kits, establishing

transit centers, and providing temporary shelter. All donations to the organization will support Ukrainian refugees from its restricted donation fund. A recent partnership with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds matched $1 million in grants.

Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE)

Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to crisis response. Ukrainian refugees are being supported by CORE in Poland. In addition to providing cash assistance to displaced families, donations will be used to distribute hygiene kits featuring soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, thermal blankets, and other essentials.

Malteser International

The Sovereign Order of Malta’s humanitarian relief agency, Malteser International, is currently assisting Ukraine with relief efforts. In addition to providing food, shelter, emergency medical assistance, and more, the organization also provides service to its neighboring countries. The donation page details how you can contribute to its work in Ukraine.

Contact Us

You can support Ukraine and get your donations across. Valor Ukraine can help you support Ukraine. Contact us to learn more.

Why Should You support Ukraine? And How can you help Ukraine?


Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. Russia borders the country to the east and north, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia. 

How Stable Was Ukraine Before? 

The country has an estimated population of 44 million people, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world. Ukrainians make up the majority of the population, with 77.8% of the population being ethnic Ukrainian. Other ethnic groups include Russians (17.3%), Belarusians (0.6%), Moldovans (0.5%), Poles (0.4%), and Roma (0.3%). 

Since 2014, Ukraine has been undergoing a political and economic crisis. The country’s economy has shrunk by around 15%, and its currency has lost over half its value. Over 6 million people have left Ukraine since 2014, and the country has been plagued by corruption and violence. 

The Russian Invasion 

In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine to reclaim the country as a part of its territory. The invasion was met with fierce resistance from the Ukrainian people, who were determined to maintain their independence. The fighting was brutal, and many lives were lost on both sides. Ultimately, the Russian forces could take control of the country, and Ukraine again became a part of the Russian Federation. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. Over 10,000 people are killed in the fighting, and many more are displaced. The economy is in ruins, and the country is now a puppet state of Russia. If you’re looking to help Ukraine, there are a few ways you can do so. 

The invasion of Ukraine was a major turning point in relations between Russia and the West. Before the invasion, Russia had been slowly rebuilding its relationship with the west after the fall of the Soviet Union. However, the invasion of Ukraine showed that Russia was still willing to use military force to achieve its goals. This led to a new wave of sanctions against Russia and further strained relations between the two countries. 

The situation in Ukraine remains unstable, as the country is still technically at war with Russia. However, there has been some progress made in recent years toward peace. In 2019, a ceasefire was agreed to between the two sides, and some steps have been taken toward a political solution. However, it is still a long way from being resolved, and the situation remains volatile. 

Donating To Ukraine 

Despite this, Ukraine remains a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. If you’re looking to help Ukraine, there are a few ways you can do so. 

One way to help Ukraine is by donating money to charities to help the country. These charities include the United Way, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. You can also donate money to specific projects in Ukraine, such as rebuilding homes or providing food and medical supplies. 

Another way to help Ukraine is by volunteering your time. Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help with the relief effort in Ukraine. You can contact these organizations directly to inquire about volunteering opportunities. 

Contact Us 

If you’re looking to help Ukraine, there are many ways you can do so. Donating money to charities or volunteering your time are great ways to make a difference. Whatever you do, your help will be greatly appreciated. 

How to Dress Up Your Fleece Jacket?


In case you missed it, this season is all about large shearlings and fur jackets. If you’re not quite sold on teddy jackets, we advise choosing a comfortable women’s fleece jacket ensemble instead. They are the ideal synthesis of flair and elegance.

Every brand shelf has fashionable outerwear, which sells out quickly after being heaped up and displayed. Make sure you are photographed wearing a women’s fleece jacket so you can appear in the mod and voguish cliques on social media.

Make sure you understand the proper fleece coats & jackets styling techniques before you join the fashion bandwagon. Before putting on a fleece coat or jacket or wearing sports apparel for men, ensemble, learn about the material and its intricate qualities. Is it a better alternative to leather and wool? And perhaps more significantly, is it sustainable? So let’s work together to find a solution.

Being gender-neutral, fleece is one of the greatest winter textiles available. It is much simpler to have it printed and colored in many shades and colors. It can be dressed up for a bold look or down to liven up an otherwise plain outfit.

Fleece for All

Fleece jackets can be worn in a variety of ways. Fleece is available for everyone, male or female. Here are some examples of how to wear a fleece jacket well:

  • Fleece with Gym wear – Over sports apparel for men, red leggings, and any plain t-shirt, layer a colorful fleece jacket. In this case, fleece coats serve as stylish substitutes for sweaters and jumpers.
  • Women’s Fleece Jacket with Dresses – Nothing is more stylish than fluffy blouson dresses and fleece jackets. Warm-toned fleece coats can add nuance to your complete ensemble and tie it together. Browns typically go well with black and pink; in this situation, color blocking or color clashing would be excellent.
  • Fleece Jacket on Gray Jeans – Every color is available in fleece coats. To stay warm this season, men can wear grey jeans with a black fleece jacket and a white polo shirt.
  • Fleece jacket and Baggy Look – The ideal way to wear a fleece jacket is baggy. Therefore, we advise choosing a neutral color like beige and pairing it with a fleece jacket in a coordinating color. Complete the outfit with chunky joggers whether you’re wearing fleece, baggy jeans, or damaged baggy jeans.
  • Fleece with Corduroy – Nothing works better than corduroy pants or culottes with fleece jackets to create an experimental look when you’re feeling nostalgic. Under an oversized fleece jacket, you can put on a cropped fleece jacket or a cropped shirt. The best footwear choice for this ensemble would be ankle boots.
  • Fleece Vest with a Plaid Shirt – A fleece vest can be worn by men over a striped or checkered shirt. This is your dad’s casual attire. However, wearing it with dark blue or damaged black jeans can enhance your relaxed demeanor.

The logical conclusion is that your winter wardrobe needs a fleece jacket ensemble. It is not only the ideal substitute for wool fleece, but it is also cozy and warm. It is constructed of permeable fabric produced from recycled plastic. Fill your closet with fleece and wear it with various outfits.


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